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    We are a company that undertakes various types of researches, for individuals or organizations and our operations are done through a network of independent associates, who are assigned the appropriate research work, according to their expertise and knowledge. The reason why it is so great for people to be associated with us, is that they can do their work anywhere and anytime they prefer, without having to do or show anything else than the work itself. Also their time is much more appreciated, than in an average 9-5 type of job, in terms of income. For further information you can contact us at central@eteocyprian.com.
  • Greece Franchise
    All the business franchise opportunities available in Greece and Cyprus.News, information, events
  • Εξευρεσης Εργασία
    To Job in Cyprus ιδρύθηκε από την εταιρεία Stalagmite Enterprises Ltd. με σκοπό την εξεύρεση αλλοδαπού προσωπικού, όπως οικιακές βοηθούς, εργάτες, αρτοποιούς, γεωργούς, για νόμιμη εργασία και διαμονή στην Κύπρο. Χώρες προέλευσης του ανθρώπινου δυναμικού είναι η Σρι Λάνκα, Ινδίες, Φιλιππίνες, Μπαγκλαντές, Βουλγαρία, Μολδαβία και Ουκρανία.
  • Nu-Vision Property Network
    With Nu-Visionís solid reputation as a top property service provider with unparalleled market knowledge, local presence and sophisticated legal and management skills, your only choice in property investment has to be Nu-Vision.
  • Health and Beauty
    We are seeking distributors for a complete line of skin care items for the face, neck and body. Products include anti-wrinkle, body firming, and specific skin problems like scars, bruises, blotchy skin, spider veins, stretch marks, etc. We offer low prices and low minimum purchases. In fact, the wholesale price for all skin care is US$4.75/item FOB USA and the minimum is just 100 cases mix & match. Discount may apply for larger orders.We also offer 100% natural OTC weight loss patches, anti-smoking patches and male potency patches.For further information please visit our web site and/or contact our office directly.Regards,St. Louis Ltd